Beyond Escape 2018 Fast Facts Available!

If you follow our blog, you already know that our annual user conference, called Beyond Escape, is already scheduled for October 29-30, 2018. We are looking forward to more breakout sessions, more networking, more experts, and more learning opportunities in 2018. This is an event you won't want to miss!


The Beyond Escape 18 Fast Facts page has more details. 

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Escape Anniversaries in April

There are two employees at Escape who are celebrating their "workiversaries" in April, Robin Fiske, Technical Support Analyst, and Susan Dickinson, Software Developer. We asked them to tell us their favorite thing about working at Escape. Scroll down to read what they said.

 Robin Fiske, celebrating 17 years, and Susan Dickinson, celebrating 21 years at Escape.

Robin Fiske, celebrating 17 years, and Susan Dickinson, celebrating 21 years at Escape.

Life at Escape is like living in an Oscar- winning film: some days make me laugh, some days make me cry, and some days make me crazy. But it’s always interesting and amazing.
~ Robin Fiske

The customers. We have some awesome customers who help us continue to make our product better.
~ Susan Dickinson

AeriesCon Spring 2018

You may have already heard that Escape is interfacing with Aeries software in an effort to make your work day a little more efficient! You are now able to automatically update Aeries staff and certificated job information from Escape Online.

In early March, Ramona Marshall, President of Escape Technology; Jennifer Escamilla, Product Manager; and I (Julie Yontrarak) attended the two-day Aeries Conference in Ontario, California. The first day of the AeriesCon conference, Jennifer and I had the opportunity to present details of the Escape Online setup needed for the Aeries Integration. We had a packed house, with many current customers asking questions and providing input on how we can add even more functionality! We always learn so much from our customers!


After the presentation, we also had a lot of visitors at our booth from prospective customers. We are really excited about partnering with Aeries to offer streamlined integration and receiving input on adding more functionality to this supplementary product.

If you are interested in this integration, please contact our HRA Custom Support Team for pricing and availability.

Don't Miss the Release Review Webinar for v18.01

This Thursday, April 26th, Leslie Bailey, Technical Writer, and Terri Hammond, System Trainer, will be LIVE on the web! These way wild ladies will review the latest Escape Online release v18.01. It's your chance to learn all about new features, enhancements, and changes without leaving your desk. It's not too late to register!


Below is a list of some of the features that they will review:

Finance  9:00am -   9:45am

  • AR Receipt Import
  • New SACS Import Tutorial
  • New Vendor Activity History Report
  • Search Attachments on Vendor Req
  • Account Component to Require Asset

HR/Payroll   10:00am - 11:30am

  • Search on Preferred Name 
  • Lots of HRA Changes
  • New Employee Mass Detail Tutorial
  • New Employee Call List Report
  • CTC Status Task

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Friday Feature - Dual Budgets

Last week, I showed you how you could create a budget in 4 easy steps. Of course, budgeting can be much more complex than a few steps can handle. One of the more intricate issues for budgeteers is the dual budget.

As we all know, districts have to have a budget in place by July 1, but the State doesn't always adopt their budget in time. Since district funding relies so heavily on the State budget, some districts choose to go through a second adoption process, commonly referred to as dual budget adoption, where they hold a second public hearing on September 1.

Of course, Escape Online provides for this. In fact, there are two ways to handle dual budgeting, depending upon your district standards. The main difference lies in the statuses and the number of budget models created.


Tentative Budget

In this method, districts use a "Tentative" status to hold their budget figures until the final approval. Basically, the budget doesn't post until the “second” adoption. (Yes, the software actually uses Tentative as a budget status.)

This option is very slick. Once the budget is submitted, it is locked from any changes but provides “tentative” fund balances for submitting requisitions and such. When final approval is obtained, the budget is adopted. (Note, districts don't have to be on a COE system to use this method. However, regardless of your implementation, you will need Escape Customer Care to help you turn on these approvals because the setup is in the database, not accessible from the software.)

Budget Revision

This is the more common method for finalizing a budget. Approvals can be turned on or off. The “first” model is adopted as the original and subsequent changes as a budget revision.