W2 Webinar Follow-up

The W2 Webinar was filled with problems, Employee W2 problems that is! This was such a good webinar to watch and learn the step-by-step to correct these errors NOW before January 31st comes! 

We had a webinar full of District users and County users. Users also got to see new v17.04 software changes for 2017 W2 reporting before the actual official release.

Everyone knows how I love showing “sneak peeks” into v17.04. My favorite is CR 16504 – Changes to the W2 Error Report. The report will now report negative amounts for Box 12 codes. I got to show these new types of errors, but also but how to use the report to correct problems before they show up on the W2. I’ve heard from many of you, request a snapshot of the Addon I used to correct the Box 12 DD negative amount, here you go: 


Let’s hear from some of those who attended:

Tips on using Report Favorites are great, especially using "W2" in the ID to search for all W2 favorites later; and reminders about exactly what is affected in the use of the various W2 activities, such as how edits made in W2 do not update retirement or quarterly tax reporting.
~ Phil Davis, Business Systems Support Coordinator from Monterey County Office of Education
As always the step-by-step examples are very helpful.
~ Robert Jong, ‎Programmer/Analyst from ‎Cupertino Union School District

I'd like to extend a big thank you to Robyn Wagenknecht, Software Support Analyst for answering ALL your live webinar questions. Speaking of questions and answers, be sure to check out the webinar recording and Q&A under Online Resources – Webinar Information. While you’re there, review the NEW 2018 Webinar calendar!

See you all on December 7, 2017 for the ACA Webinar. Are you registered yet?
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Escape's 2018 Webinar Schedule with links to register is also on our website.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Finance Training in Ventura

Only one week after the Beyond Escape User Conference, a band of Escapees packed their bags and headed down to Camarillo for training sessions with over 260 users from VCOE and SBCEO.

I was joined by Amanda Erwin (Support Analyst), Carole Williams (Project Manager), Jane Youngman (Project Manager), Jennifer Escamilla (Product Manager), and of course, Terri Hammond, our System Trainer. Eight sessions on Finance were held, where we covered the basics and introduced our users to the newest features. We also incorporated some topics to brainstorm the upcoming functionality for site budgeting and payments by line items.

Arin Simonyan, Escape Finance PAT Manager, and Mary Crandall Plasencia, Ventura USD Purchasing Director.

Arin Simonyan, Escape Finance PAT Manager, and Mary Crandall Plasencia, Ventura USD Purchasing Director.

Our customers were very excited to hear about the new features. I had to take a picture with Mary Crandall Plasencia, Purchasing Director at Ventura USD. She couldn’t hide her excitement when I was showing the new functionality that allows multiple accounts in line items in vendor requisitions. Later she shared with me how this functionality will save time for her department, especially in managing capital assets. Mary, thank you for sharing your excitement and appreciation! 

I want to use this opportunity and thank our customers again for their day-to-day feedback. Thanks to your input we are the #1 software for school business in California. As always, this training was a good opportunity to learn more about our customer's processes, to better understand their needs, to listen to their stories, and hear how Escape makes their daily jobs easier every day.

Friday Feature - 2 Minute 1099 Checklist - Video

It is time for 1099s and W2s so for the next few Friday Features, we will be giving some reminders. For those of you that only need a reminder, I created a 2 Minute 1099 Checklist. (Ok. It is actually 2½ minutes, but I tried!)

For those of you that are new to the process, see Terri's full-length webinar in Online Resources!

Report Release 17.04.02 Is Now Available

The latest report release is very exciting because we introduced changes to the reports that help customers with specific needs. With an eye toward developing the changes so that they will benefit all customers, we are proud to showcase how we work with customers to help them meet the demands of school business.

Approval Aging (ReqPay10)

We had a couple of requests for changes to the Approval Aging report, which provides information about currently required approvals for vendor requisitions in the submitted status, calculating the number of days as the difference between when the approval became required and TODAY.

First, Santa Barbara CEO users wanted to run the report for only those requisitions that they created, kind of like your own personal list of requisitions and where they are in the approval process. Second, Sacramento City USD wanted to run the report by fiscal year, especially at year-end, to see what requisitions are still outstanding and who needs to be contacted to get those requisitions approved and processed.


So, with the latest release, you can limit the report by fiscal year, department, requisitioner user ID, requisition accounts, and age of the approvals. In addition, you can use wildcards to select multiple approvers. Plus, now, you can select the sort options that you want.   

Payroll Vendor Detail (Pay25)

Just like the Approval Aging, we used customer feedback for an update to the Payroll Vendor Detail (Pay25), which shows detailed employee deduction/contribution information by vendor.


Solano COE uses this report to get totals on liabilities for the different contribution IDs. To facilitate this specific need and many others, we added dynamic sorting and page break parameters. Now, you can sort by fund, object and/or contribution/deduction ID, and you can then have a page break every time your first (or major) sort changes. 

Download the 17.04.02 Report Release Today

If you don't have the latest reports, contact your system manager to install these beneficial updates.

Thanks to Santa Barbara CEO, Sacramento City USD, and Solano COE for these great ideas. We are certain that all customers will find these changes useful, along with the updates to the Employee Deductions (Pay12) and PERS Qualifying (Retire09) found in Report Release 17.04.02.

Save the Date - Collaboration Day Winter 2018

A Collaboration Day is a free Escape sponsored event that provides an opportunity for our customers to connect with each other, share best practices, and solicit feedback from each other. Escape has happily provided the space and expertise needed for collaboration and you, the customers, have facilitated and driven the discussion.

Escape Online Portal - Collaboration Day, January 11 at Escape Headquarters in Roseville

We want to start the year out with some timely topics, like 1099 and W2 corrections. We also want to discuss areas of interest from the User Conference in October. So, the HR/Payroll team will lead a brainstorming session on the Employee Online Portal, and the Finance team will lead one on Travel and Conference requisitions. And, of course, the best part of Collaboration Day is networking with your colleagues, learning about their processes and collaborating with Escape to design features that fit the needs of school business!

Collaboration Day, Summer 2017, pictured above focused on fiscal year end.

Collaboration Day, Summer 2017, pictured above focused on fiscal year end.

We hope to see you at our next Collaboration Day. Keep an eye out for our email invitation with a detailed agenda for January 11th.