Happy Anniversary September Escapees

This month, we have the trifecta of Ramona, Carole and Stephanie. Ramona and Stephanie are celebrating milestone anniversaries, 10 years each, while Carole is celebrating 23 years! 


Carole Williams

Carole is celebrating 23 years with Escape. During that time, she has done everything, literally. You can see her managerial handprint in support, her writing skills in documentation, her organization in numerous implementations and her friendship in the close relationships she develops and keeps with our customers.

Carole’s dedication to our customers and products comes through in all that she does. With 23 years longevity at Escape, she’s one of our longest term employees and has a wealth of knowledge. Whether she’s in the office helping write specifications for Escape Online 5 or on site assisting customers with an implementation, Carole’s knowledge of school business shines through. ~Ramona Marshall, President

Stephanie Fury

Stephanie is another master of many hats. Stephanie is celebrating 10 years with Escape. Way back in 2007, Stephanie joined us as a QA Coordinator. Her technical knowledge quickly shown through, when she became Manager of Customer Care and ultimately manager of the Escape Technical Support Team.

As the Manager of Escape Technical Support, Stephanie is involved up front and behind the scenes in almost everything! She’s great at jumping in and getting the job done regardless of what it is. I love that she is so helpful to customers and team members alike! ~Ramona Marshall, President

Ramona Marshall

Again, we celebrate a milestone anniversary and, again, we celebrate an Escapee that moves within the organization. Ramona, now President of Escape Technology, celebrates 10 years with Escape. Ramona is a shining beacon of organization, efficiency and dedication to learning. It is her curiosity and commitment to people and processes that have led Ramona to her new position, and Escape to its new position as the number one provider of school business software for California COEs.

I have only had the pleasure of working with Ramona for the past few months. Even in this short period of time, it is very apparent that Ramona has been instrumental in the success of Escape Technology, over the past ten years. Ramona has a great ability to understand customer needs, drive tasks and projects to completion, focus on critical details, and build a great customer-focused support organization. I am looking forward to working with Ramona over the coming years to turn Escape into an even bigger success. ~ Ali Jenab, CEO

Friday Feature - Limiting Account Data Entry in AR Receipts

We are about to head into one of the busiest requisition, payment and receivable months. October is a watershed of documents in school business. One of the ways to manage the deluge is by limiting the account data entry by users, guiding them to the correct accounts and helping approvers and others streamline the process.

For the next few weeks, I am going to discuss the fund/object filters that can be used in different documents. First up is AR Receipts. Account filter control for AR Receipts is a new feature in release 17.03, requested by Santa Barbara CEO as a result of our discussions about CSAM compliance.


Using the AR Receipt Fund Code Filter and the AR Receipt Object Code Filter in the Finance Setup section of the Organization record, system managers can define which accounts (funds and objects) are appropriate for users to enter into receipts.

What do these filters do? When a user creates a receipt, Escape Online limits the user to accounts that match the funds and objects specified in the filter (and, of course, the user's account permissions!). Carole Williams, Escape Product Manager, suggested that system managers might want to enter 1-8 for objects to keep users from entering balance sheet accounts.

Of course, if you don't enter anything into these fields, only the user's account permissions will be used to filter the account list available in the receipt. 

Celebrate Administrators

We know the importance of educational leadership at all levels (school, district and county), but did you know that the second week in October is Week of the School Administrator in California?  This year it falls on the week of October 8th.  Schools, districts and counties are encouraged to publically recognize the contributions that school administrators make to successful pupil achievement. 

Marianne Cates, principal of Holy Rosary School in Woodland, talks with students after class. Cates agreed to be "jailed" if the students collected enough food for a food drive. Courtesy of The Davis Enterprise. 

Marianne Cates, principal of Holy Rosary School in Woodland, talks with students after class. Cates agreed to be "jailed" if the students collected enough food for a food drive. Courtesy of The Davis Enterprise

All of us have seen the impact that a good administrator can make on a community. In my life, two spring to mind immediately, Richard Loveall and Marianne Cates. Richard Loveall was the Vice Principal of my junior high school, who made sure we were safe; and was always fair and respectful with students (although I’m not sure how he mustered the patience).  The other is Marianne Cates, k-8 principal and my boss when I was a teacher. She was a strong leader, who was able to do what sometimes seems impossible for principals - support her students and staff, celebrate student achievement, and engage families in our little community.

In 2014 the Governor signed an amendment to the California Education Code, which moved the Week of the School Administrator from March to October. This week is to be in observance of the importance of educational leadership at the school, school district, and county levels. The Association of California School Administrators supported the change, and has a Sample Week of the School Administrator Resolution on their website.

Beyond Escape - Meet the Experts

A new feature at this year’s Beyond Escape User Conference will be a lounge area where you can meet the experts.

The Meet the Experts lounge will be open for the entire conference. You can go there to connect with Escape experts, check out the latest software, discuss features you would like to see implemented, or just get to know us.

Brian Stokes, HRA Software Support Analyst, and Arin Simonyan, Finance Product Area Manager

Brian Stokes, HRA Software Support Analyst, and Arin Simonyan, Finance Product Area Manager

While we cannot log into your “home” system (to protect everyone's privacy and security), we can take you on a tour of our training database that has the most common features of Escape Online 5 and the Employee Portal set up and ready to show. 

The Meet the Experts Lounge is your place for one-on-one advice. Have a question about a particular feature? No problem. We can help. Bring your laptop or look at one of ours! Come ready with your questions and we’ll be happy to assist.

Mendocino COE Implementation Planning Is Complete

Randy Ballard, Escape Release Manager, and Carole Williams, Escape Project Manager, headed up north to Ukiah earlier this month for the Mendocino COE Project Planning Meeting. MCOE and their 19 districts are just beginning their implementation and will go live in July 2018. 


Carole and Randy had a great day with Becky Jeffries, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Administrative Services, and the rest of the core team. 

As a team, Mendocino COE and Team Escape planned and created a detailed schedule of all the project milestones, trainings and onsite dates through July 2018 when they will go live! The first major milestone, the Overview Training and Kick-Off meeting, has already been achieved on Monday, September 11.