Friday Feature - Managing Your People

Friday Feature LogoI am a pretty relaxed kind of gal, and mostly I would say people are people, but that is not really the case when you have to keep track of school district employees. There are employees.  This seems pretty obvious.  These people have an assignment or an addon at an organization.  But, maybe, just maybe, they are employed at more than one organization.  Or maybe they are not employees any more.  Maybe they are retired.  Or, maybe they are a substitute in waiting with credentials in the system but no job.

In a nutshell, I can have multiple employees (different jobs at different organizations), they can have multiple credentials applying to different jobs at different locations, but they can have only one retirement record.

Yikes.  That is confusing.  How is a relaxed kind of gal supposed to keep track of all these different kinds of people? Well, Escape Online does it for me. (Ahhh.  I am feeling better already.)  Let's take a quick look at how it accomplishes this magical feat.

First, let's get the nomenclature down.

  • Persons are people with a retirement record.
  • Employees are people with a job (current/previous/future) at an organization.
  • Holders are people that "hold" credentials.

Ok.  So now if I hire an employee, when I add that employee, Escape Online automatically creates a Person (retirement) record for me.  If some other organization had already hired them, then Escape Online automatically links up (based on SSN) all of the Employee records to the Person record.

Now, if that employee gets assigned to a position (or addon) that requires a credential, as soon as I add that position, Escape Online automatically creates a Holder (credential holder) record for me.  If some other organization had already created a Holder record, then Escape Online automatically links up (based on SSN) this Employee record to the Holder record.

So, really no matter which way I come at this employee/person/holder, if I add any records that are related to records that already exist in the system for whatever reason, they automatically link up, allowing me to stay relaxed and carefree.  Ahhhh...