Friday Feature - Employee Note Categories Setup

Last week, we saw how Employee Note Categories can help you organize your notes about employees. This week, we will take a look at how those categories are set up.

It is done in the HR/Payroll - Setup - Employment - Employee Categories activity, which is a "simple" activity, meaning it is a simple list and form for you to create some codes. Check it out.

Except for Admin users, every HR/Payroll user has read access to the list of employee categories. However, you may have noticed that I highlighted a little lock icon (i.e., the field is locked). That is because I wanted to point out that, even though most users can see the categories, they are not open to edit for most users. That is because employee categories are used throughout the system (in every organization). So, the codes can only be created/edited by OrgMgr users and above.

Most customers set up these categories once, during implementation. It is not very common for categories to be added or changed once established, which is important because you want to be thoughtful when the categories are created because they could be used in thousands of Employee records.

Now that we know how employee categories are set up and how they are used, we need to know how to control access. Stay tuned! We will go over that next week.