SACS Validation Table Updates Released

The California Department of Education (CDE) has released the newest Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) changes. What does this mean for you? I’m so glad you asked!

You’ll want to import these tables into Escape Online 5 right away. To do this, your system administrator will download the tables from the CDE website into the import directory on the application server. Once that’s done, you’ll be ready for the import.

  1. Click on the Finance-Processes group activity.
  2. Click on the SACS Validation Import activity. This will open the SACS Validation Import form in the workspace and place a link to “SACS Validation Import” in the Open Items area.
  3. If the import files are placed in the correct directory, the workspace will list the available files.
  4. Click Go to import the files.

This release of validation tables includes two notable changes.

  • CalWORKs for ROCP or Adult Education funding will now be reported in Fund 11 using Resource 6371. If you have accounts that need to be changed to this new resource but you’ve already begun using the accounts, please contact your Escape Customer Care representative to discuss having the accounts mass changed.
  • 7085 is a new resource for Learning Communities for School Success Program funding.

I must confess that I already knew these changes were coming but was waiting on the actual codes before announcing it. The number for the resource for Learning Communities for School Success Program was still being discussed (the original proposal was 6571). Now you’re wondering how I knew this information in advance, aren’t you? In May, I attended the quarterly SACS Forum Meeting held in Sacramento. Did you know about these? You can attend via webinar and they’re quite informative. Take a look at the SACS Forum to review the minutes from the last meeting and sign up for the sacs-forum list to be notified of future meetings.

At the last meeting, I really enjoyed catching up with Jeri Blote (Coordinator, District Fiscal Oversight) from San Joaquin County Office of Education.  

It was nice running into Jacque at the SACS Forum meeting – I love being able to pick her brain! She always has good suggestions for utilizing the system efficiently.
~ Jeri Blote, Coordinator, District Fiscal Oversight, San Joaquin COE

Maybe I’ll see you at the next meeting in November!