User Group / Conference

Customers using Escape Online 5 have created several different types of users groups across the State. Regardless of their structure, these users groups provide a forum for school business professionals to discuss their processes and solutions for everyday activities.

COE User Groups

These are users groups that are hosted by certain COEs that are based on job function. For instance, Monterey, Placer, Sonoma and Ventura COEs have either monthly or quarterly user group meetings for their districts that are dedicated to specific types of Escape Online 5 users.

Most COEs have more than one user group. For example, one group is focused on Purchasing and Finance functionality, another on HR, and a third on Payroll.

Escape Technology User Conferences

We regularly reach out to customers through impromptu meetings to generate discussion and feedback for upcoming features or changes to Escape Online 5. We also annual user conferences.

  • 2017 Beyond Escape User Conference. This year's conference was held in Sacramento. With fresh and relevant content, we had another sold out event, even with an extended registration deadline! 

  • 2016 Beyond Escape User Conference. Once again, the Beyond Escape User Conference was a fantastic opportunity for users to learn, share and provide feedback. We had over 500 users attend. Check out the enthusiasm on our 2016 Conference Review pages. All the session slide decks are there, along with tons of fun pictures of everyone. 
  • 2015 Beyond Escape User Conference. A huge Escape THANK YOU to all attending our conference. We had 200 users representing over 70 organizations, during the two conference days. You helped make our event a smashing success. Check out our comprehensive BE 2015 Conference Review pages with slide decks, interviews and more. It will be a great reference, not just for the attendees, but for all of the Escape user community. 

  • 2013 User Group Conference. This conference was very interactive, generating lots of discussion on the training of new users. The day also included topics on the latest software innovations in Escape Online 5. Read more about how the day went.

  • 2011 County Support Technician Conference. This conference brought COE and large-district support technicians together for a day of sharing best practices, discussing issues, and learning how to better support the end users. With the majority of our customers attending, the day was a great success with everyone taking away a list of new ideas to implement! Read more about how the day went.