Our Products

Escape Online is the most powerful, comprehensive and integrated business system available to school districts, County Offices of Education, community colleges and charter schools, including:

  • Finance

  • HR

  • Payroll

  • County

  • Retirement

  • Credentials

The Employee Online Portal is the front-end for employee access to Escape Online. Secure, reliable, scalable and web-based access provides employees, supervisors and administrators with demographics, payroll information, timesheet data entry, approvals, notifications, and more.

HR workflows use custom notification and approval business logic to keep everyone in the loop from HR/Payroll to administrators and employees. Each organization can control notifications and approvals for all human resource authorizations and payroll changes.

Fast Facts

  • Established in 1985

  • Based in Roseville, CA

  • 60 employees

  • Our employees have extensive school business experience, including roles such as CBO, Director of Fiscal Services, IT Director, Budget Director, AP and Payroll Supervisors.

  • 187,000+ California school employees were paid using Escape Online in 2018, totaling almost 6.9 billion dollars.

  • We serve organizations of all sizes, ranging from 9 to 195,000 ADA.

  • We serve 520+ organizations, including 26 County Offices of Education and 10 Community College Districts.

  • We are the most highly regarded school business software company with a Net Promoter Score of 85.


Customers Say...

I am so pleased that we chose Escape for our financial software system. The product itself is excellent, but it is the kind and supportive staff at Escape that made this an outstanding choice for our county!
From training to implementation support to custom software, Escape has been creative and responsive.
Escape Online is GREAT! The streamlining of our processes here is very exciting. The Escape staff has been with us step by step and has made the entire process very smooth.
— Fiscal Services Supervisor