Beyond Escape 2015 user conference Review page

Our 2015 Conference took place October 7th and 8th, at the Embassy Suites Conference Hotel in downtown Sacramento.

Fast Facts

  • 200 attendees representing 70 organizations from all over the state
  • Wednesday, October 7th was mostly dedicated to Finance functionality
  • Thursday, October 8th was mostly dedicated to HR/Payroll functionality
  • At the time of the conference, 18 COE's had Escape Online. 17 of them made it to the conference!
  • Conference "design" was to be all about end users and high value, advanced functionality
  • First showing of our latest version of the Employee Online Portal

Many thanks to each attendee!

On this conference review page, we briefly cover the sessions and highlights of the event. There are linked pages with detailed information, slide decks, pictures, and attendee quotes.

Soon we will be including several videos of attendees right here!

Q&A - It's your conference

During both days, cards were handed out for people to write down questions. Nearly all of the questions were technical in nature, about functionality. We had different Escapees tackle the various questions in the afternoon sessions.

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Wednesday Sessions

Wednesday was Finance day and we had the following sessions.

  • Keynote Address - Ron Bennett of School Services

  • Robust Reporting

  • Finance Workflows in Action

  • Release & Product Management

  • Beyond Finance Basics

  • Finance Lightning Rounds

  • Powered up Budgeting

  • Employee Online Portal

  • Finance Wrap-up

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View our attendees talking about day one of the conference.

Wednesday Evening - Beyond Appetizers party

On Wednesday evening, we hosted an appetizer and refreshment gathering at Rio City Cafe in Old Sacramento, just two blocks from the conference hotel. Check out the picture gallery below. All of our attendees (not to mention Escapees!) had a grand time.

thursday sessions

Thursday was HR/Payroll day and we had the following sessions:

  • Opening Session - Talking Escape

  • Beyond HR/Payroll Basics

  • Getting to know the ACA

  • HR/Payroll Lightning Rounds

  • Release & Product Management

  • HRA Workflows in Action

  • Understanding the Healthy Families Act

  • Robust Reporting

  • Employee Online Portal

  • HR/Payroll Wrap-up

Click the button above for a full description of the day's sessions including slide decks and pictures.

Watch the Day Two attendees discuss the conference.

All sessions were excellent.  Love the product changes coming.
It was also a great way for us to get to know the people behind the product! – Lori Almas – Rocklin USD
Great facility, food and accommodations.  Very approachable & friendly Escape staff. 
They all made us feel very welcome all the way through! – Stephanie Malik – Santa Barbara CEO
Overall, really LOVED this conference and all presenters & content! – Tina Base – Placer Union HS District

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for providing such a wonderful conference. You would never know it was your first and only one. It was the best conference I have been to all around. The hotel was nice and comfortable, the food was great, you kept us hydrated all day and the information was priceless. I enjoyed watching you and your team and how everyone is so nice, playful, and ultra-smart. I am very impressed on how things were kept on time throughout the day(s). I like how you listen to the end user and implement the ideas to your product. You are very smart business people and that is why you are, and always will be, successful. I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you again. - Chrisy Martignoli - Pathways Charter School

I learned so much and want to try so much that I am totally amazed at how much the system can do and how powerful.  I so enjoyed the conference and look forward to next year. - Mary Boisselle - Shasta COE

You all did an outstanding job putting this user conference together! I truly admire how the Escape team works together. The topics were delivered by each presenter exceptionally well. For me, it was the many little things that you all did consistently that made for a great user experience. I like that the presentation slides were handed out before each session. This allowed me to focus on the presentation being given vs. trying to listen and write information down. This one may seem elementary but I liked that every presenter requested that telephones be silenced and that calls be taken outside the room. Who doesn’t like a distraction free learning environment? I like that presenters requested that questions be held until the end in order to ensure that user specific questions did supersede completing the training. The question cards on the tables for the shy folks like me was nice….lol. Repeating the questions that were asked so that everyone could hear what the question was before answering it…awesome! Pat yourselves on the back…well done!! -  Julie Bartlett - Shasta COE

You would never know this was Escape's first user conference. The sessions were very well thought out and covered very useful points. – Phil Davis – Monterey COE

Been looking forward to this conference since March when training with Terri. So excited to learn all that Escape has to offer and to share with district end users. Love to see Escape trainers in action so I can use the techniques when we train in Sonoma. Thank you for an awesome workshop so far and it is only day 1! – Tracy Lehmann – Sonoma COE

We learned so much from the User Conference and really hope that Escape makes this a regular thing!
- Michelle Mclelland - Alpine COE