Beyond Escape 2016 user conference Review page

Our 2016 User Conference took place October 6th and 7th, at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Sacramento.

Fast Facts

  • Over 280 attendees representing 70 organizations from all over the state.
  • Thursday, October 6th was mostly dedicated to Finance functionality.
  • Friday, October 7th was mostly dedicated to HR/Payroll functionality.
  • During both days, we additionally had a room dedicated to HRA Workflows, so attendees could meet with our HRA team to strategize on new and existing workflows.
  • We also reviewed the latest version of the Employee Online Portal.

Conference Theme - Rockin' School Business

At our office, we often hear our coworkers say, "she rocks!" or "he rocks!" referring to various customers. Or we might hear "so and so is a ROCK STAR!" So we decided to play with this as the theme of this year's conference. We had our ace graphic artist design this cool logo with a "California Flag Bear." We chose the wording "I rock" which is on the front of the conference t-shirt, because whether you are a customer or an Escape employee, you ROCK! 

And we chose the "We ROCK" wording because collectively customers, users, and Escapees are the ROCK STARS of California school business. All our sessions had a musical theme! Every attendee got a mousepad and t-shirt with the Rockin Bear artwork.

Many thanks to each attendee!

Escape rocks because it's great!!! I've learned a lot - from budget development to reporting. I can't wait to try them when I get back to work.
Emilia Castillo, Vallejo City USD
Escape rocks because you are very professional, innovative and mainstream as a company. Thank you for your product and your support.
Kim Grissom, Tehama CDE

On this conference review page, we briefly cover the sessions and highlights of the event. There are linked pages with detailed information, slide decks, pictures, and attendee quotes.

Check out the pictures taken by attendees and Escapees using our conference app.


Q&A - It's your conference

During both days, cards were handed out for people to write down questions. Nearly all of the questions were technical in nature, about functionality. We had different Escapees tackle the various questions in the afternoon sessions.

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Both days - hra Workflow SESSIONS


 Julie and Tom of our HRA Team along with users from Santa Rosa JC

Julie and Tom of our HRA Team along with users from Santa Rosa JC

Based on customer requests from the 2015 conference, this year we added a dedicated room and team, for the entire conference, for team-t-team HRA Workflow sessions. All sessions, both days, were completely booked. The discussions were great! We believe that they will lead to more and more involved workflow implementations at our customer sites.


thursday finance Sessions

Thursday was Finance day and we had the following sessions.

  • Keynote Address - Ramona Marshall

  • Swing Through Purchasing

  • No More Budget Trebles

  • Waltz with Requisitions

  • Keep your Budget Sharp

  • Fine Tuning Your Reports

  • Finance Medley

  • Find Your Fiscal Groove

  • Finance Wrap-up

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day's sessions including slide decks and pictures.


thursday Evening - Beyond Appetizers party

On Thursday evening, we hosted an appetizer and refreshment gathering at Cafeteria 15L about three blocks from the conference hotel. Check out the picture gallery below. All of our attendees (not to mention Escapees!) had a grand time.

Check out the photo booth pictures!

And candids from Beyond Appetizers as well!

FRIday HR/Payroll sessions

Friday was HR/Payroll day and we had the following sessions:

  • Opening Session - Talking Escape

  • Rap'n Up Leaves

  • Rockin' Payroll

  • Put More Pop in HR

  • New Age Payroll Setup

  • Jazz Up Your Benefits

  • Lose the ACA Blues

  • HR/Payroll Wrap-up

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day's sessions including slide decks and pictures.