Friday Feature - Mass Change Vendor Addresses

Last week, we talked about mass changing vendor records, but there is a caveat to that ability: vendor addresses. See, in Escape Online, we allow a vendor to have unlimited addresses. This provides great flexibility. Some districts have separate addresses for Issue, Remit and 1099. Others have multiple addresses for different contacts at a vendor. Still others use a “generic” vendor, like a city, to hold disparate addresses, like the police, fire and water departments. So, you can see why you would want to change addresses separate from the main vendor record.

It is the same process as last week — search, list, task, batch, edit, post. What I didn’t show you last week, though, was the default edits. Check it out!


Say that I want to set up 168 vendors for email and ACH processing. I can do that with the Vendor Addresses Mass Change. I can set the defaults with a few clicks and then enter their email addresses on the direct edit list. So easy!

Get Your Budget Training Like Alameda COE did!

Last month I was lucky enough to spend two days at Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) for original Budget Training. It was a completely packed house! If you read my blog posts, you know that I think the best thing about my job is visiting customers, and so I was very happy to see old friends and make new ones.


The users at ACOE are growing in their knowledge every year. They brought AWESOME questions and I love that! By the end of the day, every attendee was ready to start the 2020 Original budget process.

A shout out to Doug D’Amour and his team for asking all of the ACOE districts to attend the budget training! Doug, have you set a date yet for next year?!


Listen to What Customers Say About Escape Certification Courses...

Escape Technology began holding AP Certification courses late 2018. The classes are filling up quickly, and more and more counties are asking to host them. All of the feedback that we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dan Bienkowski, Director, Information Technology at Sonoma COE had a big part to play in the success of the classes held recently, since he offered that the county would pay half the fee for everyone who passed the exam in his county.

This class is a win/win for counties and districts. Users learn AP, which creates less support tickets for the county and creates confidence in the users. Win/Win!
- Dan Bienkowski

I love his positive attitude!

Scroll down to read what some attendees had to say about the Certification courses held to date.


I feel much more confident as an AP user of ESCAPE. Excited to put some of the tricks learned in the course to use in our District Office.
- District Clerk

I thought this was a great training! I really liked the book that was provided for our reference and that we were going through it during the training so that I can remember where things are better… I felt like I was back in school and loved being challenged with different questions rather than just purely lecture style.
- Business Services Technician

First of all Carol and Terri are amazing and made the class so fun! I really learned a lot and gained some tools to make my job quicker and easier. I enjoyed that we were given time to hear how other districts handle procedures and best practices. These types of meetings are a great chance for us to meet and pick the brains of others that do the same job. The pace was good.
- District Clerk

If you’re interested in knowing more about attending or hosting a Certification course, please visit the Certifications page to read more.

Webinar Follow-up - 2020 Original Budget

What a great way to start the budget process! There were 244 registrants for the Original Budget webinar, and every one learned something. We reviewed the budget checklist and the Perform Change tasks that automate creating your budget!


Thanks to all of the attendees for their great questions! If you missed the webinar or want to see what your colleagues asked, go to Videos in Online Resources and everything is there for you to download.