Friday Feature - Vendor ACH Pre-note

I love electronic billing and payment. All of my bills are received and paid online. No mailing! If my kids need money, I send it via Zelle. So, I was thrilled when we introduced the ability to send ACHs to vendors.

We have had this ability on the payroll side for a long time, but more recently, we introduced it to the Finance side. And, even more recently, we introduced the ability to send a pre-note to those vendors that are setup for ACH. What a great way to ensure that everything is correct and in working order! Check it out.


With a click of a mouse, you can create a pre-note file for every vendor on the list that is set up for ACH with a bank account number. Seriously, one task does it all. For your convenience, the generated file has the same name as your ACH file, but with "_prenote" appended to end.

Of course, this task is available in both the Finance and Payroll Vendors activities. Fantastic!

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