Year End Purchasing Webinar Follow-up

Thanks to ALL who were able to attend the ‘Year End Purchasing’ webinar. There were over 100 attendees, and we reviewed the procedures and processes for closing the books for the fiscal year, requisition year-end processing, and the setup of liabilities and receivables, and so much more. 


Amanda Erwin, Escape Software Support Analyst, did an amazing job answering all the questions during the live broadcast. Thank you to all our attendees and Amanda Erwin for making the Year End Purchasing webinar a huge success!

You can watch the video recording and read the Questions and Answers in Escape Online – Online Resources – Webinar Information. (The Tuesday following each webinar, the recording and Q&A from the webinar is posted there.)

Are you signed up for the Year End Closing for Finance on Thursday, July 12? Register Now!

Imperial COE and Their Districts Get Their Fiscal On

If you follow our blog, you know that Imperial COE is going live on Escape Online next month, July 2018! The implementation is in high gear and Terri Hammond, Escape System Trainer, is on site quite often to lead training classes for both the COE and their districts. The photo below was taken at a recent fiscal user training, where both county and district staff attended.


Friday Feature - Searching for Adjustments Only

People are complicated. And, that makes payroll complicated. Escape Online setup handles the majority of pay with ease, but there are simply too many people and too many variables for a payroll to be run sans adjustments. 


That means that searching for adjustments is a very important part of your payroll process. So, Escape Online gives you a way to filter your adjustments.

This flag allows you to search for adjustments from payroll setup or search for only those adjustments that you made for this payroll.

For example, if you have a CSEA dues deduction defined in an employee's payroll setup, that is what we like to call an on-going adjustment. You don't have to set it up for every payroll, but you may want to search for it. In this case, you would set the Deduction Adjustments Only flag to NO.

Conversely, if you have to enter a CalSTRS refund for a pay date, we call that a pay date specific adjustment. It is a one-shot deduction that you are not going to make again or, if so, very rarely. In that case, you would set the Deduction Adjustments Only flag to YES to focus your list on only those pay date adjustments.

That makes life a little less complicated.

Flag Day, a Day to Commemorate Old Glory

Today is Flag Day in the US, a day to commemorate the adoption of our flag. The Continental Congress passed a resolution on June 14, 1777, as to what our US flag’s design should look like, with thirteen alternating red and white stripes and thirteen white stars on a field of blue, but it took more than a century for the observance of the flag adoption to take place, according to the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

In fact, over the next 170+ years, several individuals and organizations fought hard for the day to be officially recognized by Congress but were unsuccessful. That didn’t stop Americans from holding local Flag Day celebrations around the country. Finally, on August 3, 1949, Congress approved the national observance of Flag Day, and President Truman signed it into law. (It isn’t a federal holiday, so wasn’t included in the 1968 Uniform Holiday Act.)

 Licensed under   Creative Commons , Copyright: 2009 Joshua Nathanson

Licensed under  Creative Commons, Copyright: 2009 Joshua Nathanson

As Californians, you might be interested to know that June 14 is also the date of the annual anniversary of the "Bear Flag Revolt" in California. In case your fourth grade social studies curriculum is a bit fuzzy, that’s when, on June 14, 1846, a group of men declared the Bear Flag Republic as an independent nation, and raised the bear flag, which is still our state flag here in California. So, you might see some homes flying both the US and California flag today.