Friday Feature - Show Me How

Now, I know all of you just love reading user documentation. It is such an excellent way to get a good-night’s sleep. ;) Of course, user documentation has its place, the How-Tos of Escape Online have been a big hit, but, sometimes, you just want someone to show you how to do it. There is nothing like a good video! That is why we have created tutorials that walk you through an activity or process. Some of them are very simple: the Vendor Requisition tutorial is designed for Admin users that don’t use the software all of the time. It is very quick, running about two and half minutes. Others are very complex: the Budget Management takes you through all the activities and data entry of creating an original budget. It obviously takes much longer, running a little over eight minutes.

Each release of the software, we add another tutorial. While that may not seem like much, our list of tutorials has slowly but surely grown to quite the selection. Check it out.


  • Budget Entry
  • Budget Management
  • Department Requisitions
  • Receive PO Items
  • Stores Issue
  • Stores Requisition
  • Vendor Requisitions


  • Adjust Pay
  • Employees
  • Leave Transactions
  • Pay Manual Checks
  • Retro Payroll
  • W2 Processing


  • Users (upcoming release)

So, next time you are in Escape Online and just wish someone would “show me how,” check out the tutorial and see if you aren’t pleasantly surprised and wide awake, ready to get some work done.