Friday Feature - Finding Information

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.” ~ Samuel Johnson This is as true today as it was in 1775. I have been working with Escape Online software for more years than I am willing to admit, yet I still have to look things up, which is kind of funny considering often I am reading words that I either edited or wrote – certainly I have read every word of our documentation, web site, and marketing materials at one time or another. So, how come I don’t know everything?

The answer is: I do, thank you very much. Well, sort of. I know where to find the information that is not on the tip of my tongue, and knowing where to get the answer is an answer in and of itself, which brings me to the topic for this Friday Feature: the Escape Online Knowledge Base (Kb).

So, what is a Kb? (Excellent question. Samuel Johnson would be proud.) Most major software companies maintain a knowledge base so users can access valuable info in a self help mode. Escape is no exception. You can think of a Kb like a library. It is a repository of articles that is organized for retrieval. Escape's Kb articles are categorized by the activity tree, but you can use the search tool to find just about anything. Each article has links to print the page in a nice format, email to a friend, add to favorites or export to a PDF.

Where does it come from? (You're getting very good at this.) We add items to the Kb every week, usually three or four. They come from a variety of sources:

  • Questions sent to MyEscape.
  • Questions received via telephone.
  • Questions from release reviews. (Coming soon!)
  • Questions from webinars. (Coming soon!)

Since the beginning of last year, we have slowly been growing the Kb. I think it is at the point where it can be a big help to you. In fact, it is already a big help for many users. Let me give you some of the statistics.

Live date on our web site: January 10, 2008

Number of Articles: 130

Number of Views: 13,549

Most popular articles based on number of views

  • How do I create a location approval (421)
  • I made the org unavailable but people can still get in (372)
  • Reporting Independent Contractors with Release v08.07 (368)
  • When do I need to initiate pay (366)
  • How do I remove activities from the tree (348)
  • How do I create a department approval (344)

Most popular search terms

  • Employee (365)
  • Payroll (343)
  • Application server (259)
  • Remove activity (241)
  • No subscribers found (239)

Most popular failed search term

  • Vista (5)

Pretty cool statistics, huh? The software we use to administer the Kb allows us to get statistics like this. It gives us a basis for where we need to improve, like an entry about Vista.

Power to the people!