Friday Feature - List Management

Remember how I discussed lookup windows last week and how they are like “little” lists. (See, I told you I would remember. I wrote a note!) Well, this week I am going to take that conversation one step further and talk about how easy it is to manage lists in Escape Online. Almost every activity in Escape Online is set up as an SLF (search, list, form). This helps build the perfect list, displaying just enough information so you can make a decision as to whether or not you want to view the record. You can also sort the list by any column and move columns around.

Sorting the List

Filtering a list works exactly the same as how I described last week with lookup windows, but, obviously, an activity list is going to have a lot more columns than a lookup window, so you may want to define multiple sorts. Of course, lists in Escape Online come with default sorts (e.g., payments are sorted by Pay To Name, then Invoice Number), but you might want a different sort. Consequently, we give you full control of sorting the list.

To define the primary sort, click on the column header. To change it from ascending to descending, just click again. The primary sort (sort 1) is what list searching and filtering is based on. To define the next sort, hold down your Ctrl key and click on a column header. If you don't like the sort, click again. Keep clicking and Ctrl + clicking until you have the sorts you want. To remove a sort, hold down your Shift key and click. The sort is discontinued and all other sorts move up the ladder. To return your list to the original sort, use Ctrl+Shift+O (the letter O – for original).

This works backwards and forwards too. Let me explain. Say you defined five sorts, but you don't like sort number four. All you would have to do is Ctrl+click on sort number three and then redefine four and five.

Moving Columns

Now that you have your list sorted the way you want, what about changing the order of the columns. No problem. You can configure the list to fit your needs.

Change the column width by placing your cursor over the right border of the column. Your cursor will change to a double-headed arrow. Press and hold the mouse and drag to the width you want or double-click to automatically expand to fit to the contents of the column. Rearrange the columns by placing your cursor over the heading. Press and hold the mouse and drag the column to the new location.

And, of course, you can export the list to Excel for even more manipulation.

One final note about moving around on a list, especially the crazy-good ones like Employees which has 35 columns: You can use your arrow keys to scroll right/left, up/down on the list. Just hold down the shift key and use the directional arrows to scroll through the list.

Plus, like I mentioned last week, you can filter the list, too. For example, you can type E to filter the list by employees' whose last name begins with E. (Note, you can only filter on the primary sort.)


I think this is an awesome tool... the only down side I have is that it doesn't stay that way if you have to get out of the screen and then return... I would like to have the ability to "set" the display of information and tag it as my favorite and have the system remember it until I need to edit it... This might take too much memory up on the system but being a user I ask for alot!!!! Thanks for all you do...

Posted: Bambi Weinberg-Tuttle, Sonoma County Office of Education. Monday, June 1, 2009 1:01 PM


Bambi, we have a "New Client Wish List" on our intranet. This is where we keep track of ideas for client improvements. And, as you would guess, there is an item on the list that "wishes" for saving column location and sorts. (Guess who put it there? Me!) I have added your name to the item to acknowledge and track your consideration. Thanks so much for your comment.

Posted: Leslie Bailey, Escape Technology. Monday, June 1, 2009 1:19 PM