Friday Feature - How Documentation Works

Time for a little self-validation. As you all know, I spend day-in and day-out writing the documentation for Escape Online. I hope all of you are reading it. Of course, you are! :) Let’s review, just in case. Escape Online provides documentation in a couple of different formats. First, we have user guides: there are 29 of them, everything from Admin User Guide to Credentials District User to System Implementation. The user guides can all be accessed from the Help menu within Escape Online.

You will see only those guides that are associated with your role. So, if you are an Admin User, you will not see the Payroll User Guide. Everyone has access to the Escape Keys. Everyone also has access to the Release Notes and Known Issues, which are updated with every release.

Escape Online also provides How-Tos. These are accessed from within the activity. They are the chapter from the user guide that is specific to that activity. So, if you are in the Approve Requisitions activity, you will see the chapter for approving requisitions. Reports also work this way. They do not have a How-To menu, but they do have a lookup that gives you access to the definitions of each of the report parameters and a sample of each of the sort options, including any special considerations like calculations or how the data was derived.

Finally, we have been building a library of video tutorials. Right now, we have tutorials for Approve Requisition, Budget Entry, Budget Management, Department Requisitions, Vendor Requisitions, Stores Requisition, Stores Issue, Receive PO Items, Requisition Year End Closing, Employees, Adjust Pay, Pay Manual Checks, Retro Payroll, Leave Transactions, W2 Processing, and Users. You can access these through the activity to which they belong.

(Personally, I find it kind of frustrating that I am not exactly sure which activities have videos and which don’t. Take heart. I have an idea I have been working on to add them to the Help menu. You can look forward to seeing this improvement in a future release!)

I would also like to remind you of the Knowledge Base. This can be a great resource for answering questions quickly. And, of course, there is our AWESOME Escape Customer Care if there is any question that you still have after reading the documentation.

Please note, too, that we are always trying to improve the documentation. Every release, I make at least a dozen or so changes to documentation that are not due to change requests, but from emails that support reps and customers send with ideas on how to make the documentation better.