Friday Feature - Saving My Reports

In release 09.05, there were 23 updated reports. I had to run each one of them (plus all of their sort options) to update the report sampler. My workflow tends to be to run all the similar reports -- like fiscal or employee -- using the same criteria and then look at them in detail later. Sometimes that can be days, especially if I get pulled onto another project or what not. That’s a lot of work that I don’t want to lose!

So, I use the Date Delete Scheduled field in My Reports. Every report I run (except snapshots) gets saved to My Reports. At the end of the day, I go to the My Reports activity, check the status of the report and paste in the date the documentation is due. That way I know my reports ran successfully and won’t be deleted while I am working on the rest of the documentation. And, I know I won’t be clogging up the network because my reports will be deleted automatically on the day I scheduled.

That’s a time saver and a report saver!

Note: The number of days that reports will stay in My Reports is defined by your system manager. The default is two weeks.