Friday Feature - Effective Date

With budget negotiations and union contracts making changes to pay, it can be hard to keep track what goes into effect and when. As a productivity hound, I use calendar reminders from Outlook and my cell phone to help me keep track, but that is not very efficient when it comes to changing hundreds of employees records. What you need and what you get with Escape Online is an effective date (and its associated end date). Escape Online’s payroll computes are based on effective dates of payroll records -- addons, benefit providers, dependents, employee info, pay cycles, taxes, retirement, ach, deductions and contributions, just to name a few. So, for example, an employee wants you to change the tax setup, but not until June, what would you do?

Easy, you open the employee’s current Tax record, indicate it ends on May 31, save it, and then copy it to a new record. Escape Online automatically enters a begin date of June 1, no end date, and all of the information from the prior record. All you have to do is make the change as requested and forget it. On the June payroll, Escape Online uses the “new current” record automatically, with no user intervention.

As if that isn’t enough, you also get the added benefit of a history record. So, if the employee forgets about the change and calls you wondering why pay is different, you can look at the setup and see which changes were made and when.