Friday Feature - Rating KB Articles

The last Friday Feature talked about how we want to hear from you, and how we are using different tools to get feedback, but I forgot to mention one of those tools: rating knowledge base articles. So here it is! We introduced this feature a couple of months ago, but you may have not heard of it. As of today, only nine articles have been rated. It is really easy to rate an article, and you can leave comments too. Check it out. Here is a KB article about approving requisitions. Two users found it helpful (just a click is all it takes). They also could have left comments, but did not.

But, what if they found it NOT HELPFUL? What happens then? Well, our knowledge base is set up to send an email to me if someone rates an article poorly. If that occurs, I will try to rewrite the article to be more helpful. Hopefully, the reader leaves a comment to guide my changes, but if not, I will query Escape Customer Care for ideas to improve the clarity and readability.

As many of you know, customers regularly send suggestions for bettering the documentation. I try my best to address them in a timely manner. The KB is no exception. If you have comments, please take advantage. We are listening.