Friday Feature - Emailing HR/Payroll Notifications

I am on a roll, explaining how to use software other than Escape Online 5, but that is the beauty of integrated Windows applications. You can merge data from one application with another. So, don't stop me now. I am going to explain how to create mail merges in Microsoft Word. Now why would I do such a thing if I am the Technical Writer for Escape Online 5? Because there is a set of steps that are so simple that it seems like we shouldn't keep them to ourselves, we should let everyone know that they can use the data from Escape Online (like employee and vendor information) to create custom EMAILS!!!

We created this presentation to walk you through the process of exporting information from Escape Online 5 to Microsoft Excel, and then merging it with documents created in Microsoft Word that can be emailed.

Please let us know if this is a useful tool, and we will create a video tutorial that you can launch from within Escape Online 5.