Friday Feature - Previous/Next

On occasion, I am superstitious. So, since it is Friday the 13th, I thought I should write a tip about moving through records quickly, because you don’t want to stay in any one place too long. It could be unlucky! You probably already know that at the top of every form there are the Previous/Next buttons, but did you know that they use the same Escape Keys as they did in Escape Classic? So if you are an old Classic user, you can still use F7 (previous) and F8 (next) to quickly move up and down a list.

If you are a new user, let me give you a quick overview. The F7/F8 keys open forms from the list without you having to return to the list. For example, if you are adding contact information to a list of vendors, you can open the first record and then use the Escape Keys to Save/Close/Open the previous (F7) or next (F8) record.

These handy dandy keys make working a list very speedy: two clicks for the price of one! Now that’s lucky.