Friday Feature - Webinar Work Out

Every new year, we make resolutions to improve our lives. Well, I have a suggestion for a new exercise: the Webinar Work Out. This work out is easy on the body and good for the mind. You don't have to pay tolls, get running shoes, or learn a new diet, and your stomach muscles will receive a nice workout with the always funny, always educational, Terri Hammond, System Trainer. Terri’s webinars are streamed over the Internet to your desk or conference room. You can listen quietly with a headset or play it to a large group, whichever suits your style. You will be able to see all of the keystrokes and mouse movements, just as if Terri was standing right in front of you!

This year, Terri has set an ambitious agenda with webinars scheduled for almost every month, ranging from Creating User Records to Budget Development to Purchasing to you-name-it. So, if you are getting ready for creating your budget, you will want to register for the Budget Development webinar on February 11th.

These reasonably priced webinars ($250 per customer, unlimited users) can make a difference and are a resolution that is easy to keep. Happy New Year!