Friday Feature - Interactive Calendars

I am one of those people that have to wake up every morning and look at my cell phone to know what day it is. Unless it is a special day that I have been waiting for (like my birthday!), I generally don’t know the date either. So, you can imagine that I really, really like the interactive calendars in Escape Online. The calendars work just like lookups, and they are ubiquitous, appearing on every search and form that has a date. Even though you cannot use the calendar lookup to specify a date range (like entering 01/10, 01/15..01/25 to get info for just those dates in January 2010), you can still use the lookup to determine dates, accessing it with the F4 key.

Other, more date sensitive people, like them too. For example, when scheduling future vendor payments, it is nice to have the calendar so you can see what days are business days.

The same is true for pay dates. If you want to know when the pay date was in March of last year, no problem! You can scroll through the months, future and past.

And, look at the bottom of the screen. It tells you what today’s date is. Nice!