Friday Feature - Efficiently Bionic Payroll Adjustments

If you are a payroll user, you have probably noticed that there are two versions of Adjust Payroll on your activity tree. And, if you are an Escape user, you have probably noticed that we are always trying to make the system better. And, if you are a regular reader of the Friday Feature, you have probably noticed that I am a productivity hound and efficiency expert. So, let me tell you how the Adjust Payroll v2 can give you the opportunity to do your job better, faster, stronger. (I am also a Six Million Dollar Man fan.) Behind the scenes, the functionality is exactly the same as the original, but the Adjust Payroll v2 activity shows ALL tabs and has a two-line banner that gives you a ton of really important data. Let me show you.

This is the “original” Adjust Payroll. It works great, but the heading takes up a lot of room and to see Deductions, Contributions, etc., you have to use the task Open All Tabs. It does the job, but it is not as efficient as it could be.

So we rebuilt it, making it better than it was before. Now, we have a streamlined Adjust Payroll v2 activity. All of the tabs are there, so it is really easy to jump around from adjustment to adjustment. And, the important information is displayed in a very succinct banner, giving you all the information you need without taking up space that could be better used for reviewing adjustment lines.

Like I said earlier, both activities work the same, but the Adjust Payroll v2 activity is simply better: all the information you need without any extra mouse clicks, and an added bonus of Payroll Errors on their own tab, making it so much easier to review all of your adjustments and any errors you may have made (not that you would, bionic payroll user that you are).

We are convinced you will love this new activity, and our latest poll shows that we are right. Based on the poll taken during the last Release Review, payroll users have agreed that the original Adjust Payroll activity should be removed from the activity tree in release v10.02, scheduled for April 2010.

We have the technology; now it is up to you to use the capability.