Friday Feature - Budgeting Your Way

Everybody has their own way of doing things. Some of us like entering our budget items directly into Escape Online. Some of us like entering our numbers into Microsoft Excel. Some customers like to let their users have access to Budget Entry and some don't. That is why Escape Online has a budget import option. If your district or your sites don't want to use Escape Online to enter figures for control purposes or whatever reason, you can enter the figures into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or any other program and then import them into Escape Online.

It is an easy task in the Budget Management activity. You just browse to the file on your desktop or anywhere on your network and import. Tada!

Your fellow employees will love you for your consideration, allowing them to do their work their own way. And, isn't that what it is all about? A little more love? Happy Valentine's Day!!

P.S. The layout for our import is documented in the Budget User Guide, always accessible this from the Help menu!