Friday Feature - Expired Accounts and Budgeting

Since many of you are focused on next year’s budget, the Friday Feature is too. As you may know, we recently hosted a Budget Management webinar. This was the most interactive webinar we have ever hosted. Attendees sent a ton of questions through the chat box. While Terri was explaining a feature, I was interjecting with the user’s questions. It was really cool, just like a classroom, but no one had to leave their desk! Of course, the questions were thoughtful and timely, for example, “How do you bring up a list of all accounts showing expiration dates?” And, the Escape Online 5 answer is so clever, I thought I should include it in the Friday Feature.

From the Budget Entry activity, set the Expired Accounts flag on the search page to “Include Expired Accounts” or “Only Expired Accounts.” When you press GO, your list will now include expired accounts AND an Expires column so you can see the date the account expired.

Of course, this new column can be sorted and filtered to help you manage your budget and your accounts!