Friday Feature - Exporting to Excel

In yesterday’s Release Review, one of the attendees asked about exporting to Microsoft Excel. There are many ways to do this and I thought it would be nice to have a quick review, especially for those working with employee pay and budget figures. Of course, there is always the Export button available on every list in Escape Online. You just click it and the list (and headings!) automatically opens in Microsoft Excel. Obviously, this works great for lists, but what about reports?

Well, you can also export any Escape Online report to Microsoft Excel. You even get two options for Microsoft Excel, plus a whole lot more.

The Microsoft Excel option exports all of the headers and footers and may require some manual manipulation. The Microsoft Excel Data Only option eliminates headers and footers and gives you the raw data. Here is an example of Cash Transaction Detail (Fiscal07).

As you can see, the Data Only option (available in Version 3.xx.xx systems only) does a pretty good job of stripping out the formatting of the report and giving you just the data you want in a format that you can begin slicing and dicing right away, without too much manual manipulation.

However, there are some Escape Online reports that are very complex, for good reason! These reports do not translate well using the Data Only “save as,” so we built a special export option for those reports, including Budget History with Two Years (Budget02), SACS Extract (Fiscal51), Account Extract (Fiscal52), County Holders with Expiring Credentials (Cred92), Monthly Employment Development Department (Employee06), Vendor Detail (Pay17), and Position Assignments (Pos03).

So now you know, there are many ways to export your data to Microsoft Excel. The feature you use, depends upon what you plan to do with the data. Now let’s export!

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