Friday Feature - Preferences

Last week we talked about setting preferences for displaying How-Tos. This week I want to show you how to control the display of the entire Escape Online 5 application. In the recently announced 3.10.02 release, you can control the size of the application using the new Preferences option from the File menu. You have several options: normal (this is how it has been displaying), maximized, remember (make the window the same size as the last time you closed the application), and fixed (where you can specify the height and width of the window).

As you can see, you can also show/hide the picture of the day, which is the picture displayed underneath your activity tree. Personally, I love this. Those pictures always brighten my day!

Btw, if you want to know which release you are using, go to the About Escape Online 5 option from the Help menu.