Friday Feature - Scrolling the Known Universe

As you know, Escape Online is list-based. Every activity that opens a record has a list, no exceptions. What is cool is that most lists are more than just-a-list; they are a resource with a dozen or so columns. Even better, there are some lists that are crazy-full of data, like the Employees list has 44 columns. Now I know you don’t have all 44 columns memorized (I surely don’t) so how do you quickly scroll through those columns to refresh your memory? You could use your mouse, but who wants to do that?! (Do you detect a mouse-averse theme in these Friday Features?)

The easy way is to hold down your Shift key and then use your arrows to go from right-to-left or left-to-right. This works on every list. (Psst. It also works on our upcoming grid technology, just in case you wondered.)

Check it out. Here is that crazy-full employee list. You can see how small the scroll bar at the bottom is — because it has more than three dozen columns!

Even if I use the handy-dandy Alt+F6 to hide the activity tree, I still have a lot of columns that I cannot see. So, the Shift+ right/left arrows is really the way to go if you like to keep those hands on the keyboard.