Friday Feature - Quick Close

Everybody knows I am a multi-tasker. This is an excellent trait to have, but sometimes it can get out of control. There I am working in Escape Online, and the next thing you know I have dozens of activities open. This is not very efficient. Regularly, I need to close a bunch of activities that I opened to see a single record (like using quick starts to review a vendor requisition!!).

So, every once in awhile, I use Ctrl+F4 and Alt+right arrow (both universal Microsoft keyboard equivalents) to quickly close the activities that I am no longer using. The Ctrl+F4 closes the activity, but if I want to keep it open, I press Alt+right arrow to switch to the next activity. Close, switch, switch, close (Ctrl+F4, Alt+right arrow, Alt+ right arrow, Ctrl+F4): a very quick way to get a multi-tasker like me back on track.