Friday Feature - One field that saves you dozens of mouse clicks

Yesterday, we held our annual Year End Processing webinar. It was a huge success, with almost every customer in attendance and hundreds of users riveted by the professional styling of Terri Hammond. I was able to attend the webinar and the best tip that I got out of it concerned the Process Default field in the Year End Closing activity. I know that when I was writing the Year End Reference and then again when I was creating the tutorial, I had to go through the entire year end process and it was this field that saved my poor fingers from too much typing or mousing.

This field sets the default for the list. So if you are at the beginning of the process and selecting documents here and there, you would want to set this to No, but if you are at the end of the process and trying to as-fast-as-you-can wrap up every document, you would want to set this to Yes. In fact, for some document types, like stores requisitions, you may want to set this to Yes from the very beginning, and with one or two clicks of the mouse, set every stores requisition (no matter how many) to a status of Closed.