Friday Feature - Quick Accounts

There have been many Friday Features that have lamented my lack of memory. When it comes to accounts numbers, well, there is just no help. What I like to do is use the account lookup to kind of jog my memory. When I am in an account field I only enter the fund and then whatever is the next component (usually resource or object). So, let’s say my structure is fund-object-resource-etc. I enter just the fund and object and then hit F4 for the lookup. Note that I must enter the entire component (4300, not just 43). However, I did not need to enter the dash (0104300 instead of 010-4300). The only reason I entered the dash was so that the screen capture would be easier to read. Check it out.

When I hit F4 (or click the arrow at the end of the field), I get a lookup of only those accounts that have that fund and object and that match my account permissions. (See how the fund/object I entered is shown at the top of the screen capture below.)

Using F4 means I don’t have to keep all of those accounts in my limited memory. Fabulous!