Friday Feature - Creating Just-the-Right List or Grid

One of the best features of the new grid technology is the ability to dynamically control the columns of your list. For example, if you want to see the Rehire flag but not the Pay Cycle for employees on your list, you can easily add the one and remove the other. It is very simple to do! The grid button is available on almost every list in Escape Online. And, we have been adding column selections with each release. (See the end of this article for a comprehensive listing.)

Like I said, it is super-duper simple. From the list, all you have to do is click the Grid button (or press Ctrl+G) and the grid displays the data from the list in the workspace. Once on the grid, you can add or delete columns from the grid, customizing the layout of the data for your specific needs. To see the list of available columns, right-mouse click on any column heading.

Check or uncheck any column. The grid updates dynamically, as you check and uncheck. Many activities contain dozens upon dozens of column options. (The Employees activity actually contains 173 columns to choose from. No kidding!!!)I am telling you, this grid feature is so great; I use it all the time to find records for just-the-right screen captures, but don’t just listen to me. Here is a response from an everyday user, just like you:

“Well, I am a big fan... list based reporting is the best way to get your hands on the data and get it organized without constraints. It's true ad-hoc reporting - and I like that it's available to everybody...” ~ Jon Rudolph, Applications Specialist III, Sacramento City Unified School District

Once you get just-the-right list, you can group, export or report. Whatever is just right for you!Here is a list of activities that have full access to columns. We are still accepting suggestions for v10.05. Call Escape Customer Care today to get in your request.

In 10.03

  • Employees
  • Employee Benefits

In 10.04

  • Payroll Setup
  • Employee Pay Management
  • Adjust Payroll
  • Vendor Requisition
  • Vendors
  • Fixed Assets

In 10.05

  • AP Checks
  • AP Payments
  • Department Requisitions
  • Stores Requisitions
  • Stores Items
  • Suggestions??