Friday Feature - It's a Small World After All

As each year passes, the world gets smaller and more connected. Many of the districts using Escape Online 5 have employees, contractors and vendors that reside in other countries. This means that you need to be able to add international phone numbers, country codes and foreign zip codes into their vendor and/or employee records. No problem. No hay problema. Ce n'est pas un problème. Non ci sono problem. Escape Online has a clever solution for this without requiring tons of extra fields or keystrokes.

Want to add an international phone number? All you have to do is start the phone number with a plus sign (+), and Escape Online will not format it as a U.S. style phone number, like (916) 773-6363.

Want to add an international address? Enter the country first using the lookup which includes all country codes defined by the IRS's foreign country code table, and Escape Online will change the required fields and the validation for the address. The State field will no longer be required and the Zip Code field will no longer be validated as ZIP+4.

Now, that is fabulous. Que es fabuloso. C'est fabuleux. Che è favoloso.