Friday Feature - Amazing Custom Exports

Escape Online 5 is great for managing your data and creating reports, but sometimes you need to manipulate the data in a way that only Microsoft Excel can do. There are several ways to export your data from Escape Online to Excel. Today I am going to focus on doing this from the grid. The grid allows you to pick and choose the columns of data from the master record. You simply define your search criteria, load the list and then press Ctrl+G to display the grid in your workspace. Once on the grid, you can add or delete columns from the grid, laying out just the data you are interested in.

Just right-mouse click on a column heading to define which columns you want to export.

Once you have the perfect data, you are ready to export. The Export button exports the entire grid, including column headings, filtering, grouping line items and total line items. The best way to “prep” your grid is to leave all of the grouping and filtering for Excel: just export the raw data so you have all of the options available in your spreadsheet.

Now you have all of the power of Excel with all of the data of Escape Online.

Now you can use this spreadsheet for a mail merge to employees, a detailed analysis for budgeting, or an export to a third-party system. Amazing!