Friday Feature - Go Excel

Most of you are now on our latest release with the new Adobe Acrobat report viewer. One of the best features of this new viewer is the Go/Excel button. This button converts several steps into one easy button.

Here is how it works. Escape has several reports that are setup for export to Microsoft Excel, including Budget History (Budget02), Resource Cash Daily Balances (Fiscal24), SACS Extract (Fiscal51), Account Extract (Fiscal52), JE Fund/Object Detail (Ledger05), Expiring Credentials (Cred92), Monthly EDD (Employee06), Vendor Detail (Pay17), and Position Assignments (Pos03).*

All you have to do is enter your report criteria and click Go/Excel. No more running the report (Go) and then exporting. Using the Go Excel button, Escape Online automatically launches Microsoft Excel and imports the report data. It is soooooo fast. Go Excel!!

* Note that the reports listed here are designed for export to Excel. While all reports in Escape Online can be exported to Excel using the Go/Excel button, the report data is not designed to fit perfectly into the spreadsheet and will require manipulation on your part.