Friday Feature - Holiday Handler

The holidays are coming in fast this year, and I am thinking about delegating. Maybe someone can do my holiday shopping and someone else can talk to my persnickety aunt. Well, maybe not. But, what I can do is set up someone to take care of my approvals while I am on vacation. Escape Online has “proxy” approval technology built into the system. If you are going away for a fabulous weekend to Vail, Colorado (lucky you!), you can easily anoint an approval angel. You don’t have to contact your system manager or anyone else -- except for that angel taking care of your approvals.

From the Home Page, you can define a proxy using the Change Proxy Approver action. All you have to do is use a lookup to select your proxy and enter an expiration date. Click OK and now you can feel confident that while you are out of the office journal entry, budget transfer and requisition approvals will be taken care of by your proxy.

If for some reason you come back early (could it be that persnickety aunt?), you are still covered because all approvals are sent to both lists (yours and your proxy’s). When you are ready, you expire the proxy approver using that same Change Proxy Approver option, and start approving for yourself.

Please note that the Friday Feature will be on holiday next Friday. We hope that all our customers, their family and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving!