Friday Feature - Staying within your budget

With the holidays upon me and my son’s 16th birthday just weeks away, I am very aware of budgets! Financial awareness is important when you are filling out requisitions too. In vendor requisitions, we have a new account balance column that lets you know what the remaining balance is for the accounts you are using to pay for those goods and services. When users select accounts from the drop down list, we have always showed the current balance. Recently several customers asked us to add this to the requisition’s account list to show at all times, not just when the user does a lookup window.

The new Available Balance column in the Vendor Requisition activity works with the Budget Check option in the Organization record. So if your organization has budget checking turned on for accounts (or not at all – lucky you), the balance displayed is the account balance. However, if your organization has the flag set to components (for SACS rollups), then the balance will be for the rolled up accounts. Very tricky. Very helpful. Very financially aware!