Friday Feature - Follow that Webinar

In September of 2009, I introduced you to the new Online Resources module in Escape Online 5, where you could find links to Escape Guides, Tutorials, previous Friday Features and Newsletters, and Release Information. The module was very well received, and some counties – Sonoma and Placer – even added links of their own! Well, in the latest release (10.05), we added a Webinar Follow-up activity to the Online Resources module. This is just grand because of course you want to be in the software when you are accessing material from a webinar. Or, if you are just beginning or learning a new activity or feature, you can check to see if there is an upcoming webinar that fits your needs without having to go to our web site.

If you want info (any info) about a webinar, all you have to do is go to the Webinar Follow-up activity and you will find registration links for upcoming webinars and the handouts and PowerPoint presentations of previously held webinars. (Links to video recordings are still only provided via email to those who registered.)

The Webinar Follow-up is just one handy resource in a module full of Online Resources!