Friday Feature - To Budget or Not to Budget

There are certain circumstances where you do not want to require budgeted dollars for particular requisitions. For example, some districts do not want to hold up fuel and repair/maint requisitions; others feel the same about stores and Office Depot requisitions. Customers feel that these requisitions need to be submitted immediately and should not be held up while a site does a budget transfer. In those cases, you can setup a document type (vendor, stores, department requisition) within a finance department to bypass the Budget Check Option selection. All you have to do is set the Requires $ field in the Department record to No for a document type, and those documents for that department will not be held to budget checking when the user submits the requisition.

For example, you are Escape Elementary and you have set your Budget Check Option to “account”. You know this will ensure that all accounts will have to have available funds at the time the documents are submitted.

You have two “departments” one called Purchasing for all of your “regular” requisitions and one called Supplies for your Stores and Office Depot (vendor) requisitions. In the Supplies department, you set the Requires $ flag to NO.

Under this setup, when a user submits a regular requisition, the account totals are checked for sufficient funds. When a user submits a stores or Office Depot requisition, the requisition account totals are not checked.

Now that is a great answer for an important budget question!