Friday Feature - Longevity for the Long Run

Last week, I attended the Escape Addon Basics webinar (just one of the ten webinars scheduled this year) and I was struck by how excited Carole was about longevity addons. So I asked our payroll staff why they are so great, and it really comes down to automation. In a nutshell, you simply identify the addon you want to auto-generate in the salary schedule. Escape Online will automatically generate this addon in Adjust Pay for any employee that has an active assignment or addon using this salary schedule based on the new Longevity Date in the employee's record.

This functionality was introduced in April of last year and many customers took the leap, implementing for the coming fiscal year. And, they love it now that longevity pay is totally automated.

Previously, when an employee had two positions, one with longevity and one without, extra effort was required. Because this new setup associates longevity with the salary schedule, everything happens automatically. In this example, one assignment uses Salary Schedule A (longevity addon specified) and the other assignment uses Salary Schedule B (no longevity addon specified). Now, when it comes time to pay longevity, only the assignment using Salary Schedule A receives it!

Well, it is that time of year again, when you can take advantage of this automation for the coming fiscal year. Here is a quick overview of the changes you need to consider for implementation.

Salary Schedules – Review your salary schedules to see if all employees with that schedule receive longevity. If so, then all you have to do is specify the extra pay addon. If some employees get longevity and some do not, you will need to “split” the schedule.


Addons – Review your addons to make sure any previous longevity addons are ended. For the new addons, set the Rate 2 Option to R (ranges). And, if you want to define percentages (instead of flat rates), set the Rate 2 % field to %.

Then, define your flat rates or percentages in the Rate 2 Amount Ranges area.


Employees – Review your employees' longevity date and their payroll setup.

Notice how you can define a different date for longevity in cases where there was an extended leave of absence while keeping the original hire date for historical purposes.

With this setup completed, your longevity calculations are set for the long run! Of course, feel free to contact Escape Customer Care for advice on how to make this process go smoothly. They are always there to help.