Friday Feature - Toggling Between How-Tos, Tutorials and the Activity

Every activity in Escape Online has a How-To that explains the activity. Many activities also include a video tutorial. These How-To documents and tutorials are available using a Tools drop-down on the far right of your workspace. They can be very helpful when you are trying to figure out what you want to enter into a form field or search parameter. My good friend Terri pointed out to me that you can toggle back and forth between the How-To and the activity. All you have to do is use the Tools menu.

For example, you are creating a vendor requisition but you want to copy certain line items from another vendor requisition. This is what you can do: you can go to the How To, search for “copying line items,” read the instructions and then toggle back to the form to follow the instructions.

Forget what you were doing half way through? (I do this.) No problem, use the Tools menu to toggle back to the How-To which is still scrolled to the same place in the documetation as when you toggled away. You can do this with the tutorial too, pausing the tutorial when you want to go back to the activity and playing when you are ready for the next set of instructions.