Friday Feature - Controlling Requisitioner Exuberance

The people who enter requisitions online are wonderful, saving time and the environment by going paperless. Sometimes, though, their exuberance gets the better of them, like the user that entered 524 line items in a single requisition (true story). While we applaud their enthusiasm, the administrative side of processing 524 line items for a single requisition can be difficult on vendors, purchasing, and warehouse personnel.

Without squashing requisitioner excitement, purchasing can tamp down the party by limiting the number of line items per requisition. This can be done for vendor requisitions in the Department Record. The Max Number of Line Items field allows departments to enter a number of line items that cannot be exceeded.

If a user exceeds this number of line items (75 in our example), they will receive a warning on the 76th line item that they have exceeded the limit.

Of course, they can still save the requisition. But they cannot submit it until they reduce the number of line items to equal to or less than the maximum. No worries, though, this can be accomplished quickly with the copy line items option, which I will talk about next week!