Friday Feature - Smooth Journal Entry Import

I am so excited that I get to tell you about one of my favorite activities: the Journal Entry Import. I just love it because it is so smooth and easy to use. It is bulletproof for someone like me that is not a journal entry expert. I created the screen shots you are about to see in less than five minutes. By no means am I an advanced user, so you fiscal experts out there should be able to do this in even less time! Let’s start at the beginning. I typed the JE info into a spreadsheet in the order specified in the How To (OrgId, FiscalYear, JEType, DeptId, BatchId, Date, Acct, Debit, Credit, Comment). Easy squeezy!

My next step is to import that file. This is pretty dang easy too. I select the Journal Entry Import activity in the Processes group and enter my file name and a comment.

When I try to create the journal entry, Escape Online notifies me that I have typed in an account that does not exist in the system. No tears here, though, all I have to do is click the Create Accounts task and Escape Online will create the account for me! (Told you it was bullet proof.)


Now that my accounts are created, all I have to do is select the Create Journal Entry task and Escape Online creates the journal entry and presents it in a new tab for me to review and submit!

Now that’s smooth.