Friday Feature - Import PDF to Report Warehouse

Some reports are so important, you need to keep them for a long time, like payroll reports.  These types of reports need to be saved for more time than My Reports allows.  They need to be kept in a warehouse.  What a coincidence!  It just so happens that Escape Online has a Report Warehouse in the HR/Payroll module. Lots of reports automatically go to the Report Warehouse already, like Payroll Summary (Pay01), Payroll Errors (Pay22), Labor Distribution Summary (Pay09) and a host of others.  But, what if there are reports you run that are outside of the normal payroll process that you would like to store in the warehouse?

Escape Online has the capability to let you do just that.  Son of a gun, another coincidence!  From the search form of the Report Warehouse activity all you have to do is click New.

Importing a file into the Report Warehouse

To add the report, browse to the report on your hard drive or network, add a comment and save.  That’s it.  The report is now a part of your warehouse for safekeeping.