Friday Feature - Comments in a PDF

I have to say that every one of the reports produced by Escape Online is awesome with information that is worth sharing, but what if you have more to say than is displayed on the report.  Suppose you need to comment on a budget item to justify your needs. Well, Escape Online produces reports in PDFs which include the ability to add your comments.  Check it out.  I have run the Budget Detail by Account (Budget04) report and I added a comment to alert the Business Office to the justification for this line item.

Reports with a Comment

Let’s walk through how I accomplished this amazing feat.  First I ran the report.  Then, I saved it to my hard drive.  (I have to save it because the Adobe Reader within the browser of Escape Online is read-only; therefore, I cannot comment or edit.)

See the comments in Adobe Reader

Now that I have it saved, I can open it in the Adobe Reader and use their Commenting options.  I create a sticky note (comment) or highlight text, save again, and email it to the Business Office.  If I make multiple comments, Adobe Reader displays them like a table of contents and I can click on them to “jump” to the page that comment is on.

Pretty simple!  In fact, I could use this for requisitions too, and attach the PDF to the requisition.  Now that is so fantastic, no additional comments are necessary!

NOTE:  Commenting in PDFs produced by Escape Online is only available in the Adobe Reader X.  If you are currently using Adobe Reader 9, you can go to the Adobe website to download the latest reader.