The 11.02 Release Review is scheduled for next Thursday, June 23rd and hopefully your organization is signed up to learn about all of the exciting changes in the release!  I don’t want to steal any of Terri’s thunder, but one of the new enhancements in 11.02 that caught my eye is the ability to create ‘template’ requisitions for both Vendor Requisitions and Stores Requisitions. Are there requisitions that you create on a regular basis?  Now you can create a personal template.  Templates can be created from scratch or copied from a requisition that contains all of the information that you want.  Personal templates can only be seen and used by the user that created them, but there is also the ability to create Organization templates that can be used by others.

To create a new requisition from a template, you search for templates using new search parameters we added, and copy the desired template.  The Requisitioner and Location will default to your user setup and now you can process the requisition as usual.  This cool new feature seems like it could be a real time saver!