Customers Working Together

We get requests every day for enhancements and changes to our software from many different customers.  Since I’m in charge of scheduling all of the CRs (change requests) I often wish that we had fewer requests and that there was a way the customers could agree on the changes before they were submitted to Escape.  Well, I finally got my wish!  Last week several COEs held a 2 hour video conference to discuss Credentialing; attending were Tehama, Ventura, Sonoma, Placer, Trinity, Modoc and Alpine County Offices of Education. Anne Mercer from the Ventura County Office of Education consolidated the requests from the group and submitted to Escape.  It certainly makes my job easier dealing with 4 requests from the group rather 4 requests from each customer.    Thanks to Anne and the other counties for working together.  Listed below are the changes that were requested: ESC25567 - Add a user interface for Credentials staff to maintain the Credential Status codes.

ESC25568 - Add the ability to select by “Credential Status” and “Renewal” codes to the following Credential reports: Cred03, Cred91, Cred92, Cred93, Cred99

ESC25569 - Requests for search capability on Credential Holders: 1) Allow the entry of a list of SSN’s to generate a list of holders. 2) Add “Credential Status” to the search screen.

ESC25569  - Allow for the entry of multiple codes on Credential reports: Cred03, Cred91, Cred92, Cred93, Cred99. (Type, Title, Term, Category, Basis, Major, Minor, Renewal)