Friday Feature - Support the Children Electronically

I love kids with their smiling faces, peanut and butter jelly hands, lost sweaters (again? really?), skinned knees, and contagious giggles.  So it makes me very happy to say that Escape Online supports the ability to set up electronic child support payments. Do you have employees that need to automatically deduct support payments from their paycheck and send them to a State of California account?  We can do that.  Let’s take a closer look.

Of course, the first step is for the employee to give you the correct case identifier from the California State Disbursement Unit.  Then you need to contact Escape Customer Care to define some system settings.  Once these two steps are complete, you are ready to define the three elements of the payment process:  vendor, deduction, and employee.

Vendor Setup for Electronic Child Support

Deduction Setup for Electronic Child Support

Employee Payroll Setup for Electronic Child Support

Now when you process payroll, the deduction will automatically create the payment to the vendor for the employee and another child will have a happy day!