Survey Says: Rules for Entering Expired Accounts

Again and again, our customers come through with the advice we need to create the software you need. Our latest survey concerned entering expired accounts during payroll processing. We think these survey results created a great compromise that will give everyone the flexibility they need. BACKGROUND: Payroll uses a lot of account masks and data entry techniques (like entering adjustments in advance) that sometimes result in the use of an expired account. The question is what do you want Escape Online to do when an entry results in payroll processing using an expired account?

From May 26th through June 10th customers were invited to participate in the survey, providing their feedback.

PROPOSED CHANGE: Currently, users can enter expired accounts without error. If payroll processes with the expired account, the user either has to create manual journal entries to move the amount to the correct accounts or unexpire the account.

In CR10778, several customers have requested that this be changed. The request is to generate an error when this occurs. This survey asked customers to vote on two proposed solutions: post the amount to the expired account or post the amount to the error account.

Customers could also provide a suggestion of their own.

SURVEY RESULTS: Thirty-five people responded to the survey. (Thanks so much to each and every one of you for taking the time to give us your opinion!) Three liked the idea of posting the amount to the expired account. Twenty-two liked the idea of posting the amount to the payroll error account (which is defined in the Organization record). Ten specified “other.”

The “other” responses mainly were concerned about how the error was going to be apparent to the user. Was it going to be “fatal” or was it going to be a warning? Was it going to be included on reports?

NEXT STEP: Based on these results, we have updated CR 10778:

  • Users will receive a warning when they enter an expired account in either employee addon setup or adjust payroll.
  • A labor error will show on the Payroll Errors tab and in the Payroll Error (Pay22) report.
  • If the error is ignored, Escape Online will post to the payroll error account when payroll is processed.

This CR has been scheduled for release 11.04, available to customers in November. If you would like to have CR 10778 added to your list of CRs, please contact Escape Customer Care to add your organization to the list.