System Admin Training - Chico Unified School District

Part of the Escape Online5 implementation plan includes our new System Administration training class.  The class is designed to help familiarize IT personnel with the system, as well as arm them with the knowledge to better support their end users when the phone starts ringing. Although the class can be slightly customized based on the customer’s needs, the Basic training class includes a high-level Architectural Overview (System Requirements, Application Architecture, Security), Software Installation & Upgrades, and Maintenance & Tools.  Other requested topics have included: customizing Online Resources, setting up Email ACHs, and creating/managing custom reports.  Our goal is to provide the IT Staff a solid understanding of their roles in managing the Online5 system, as well as allowing them to take ownership of their software.

Last week, we traveled to visit the wonderful group of IT professionals at Chico Unified School District.  The Escape training group consisted of Stephanie Fury, Mike Long, and John Rhoadarmer.   It was great to meet the new IT group that we will be working with over the next several months during the implementation process.  This particular class lasted a little over 3 hours, and the group was very accommodating, attentive, and asked thoughtful questions.  Chico already has a Production application and database server set up, so we discussed setting up a Test and Training environment, the steps necessary to perform upgrades, as well as load balancing if/when they decide to add more application servers.

All in all, it was a great experience for everyone involved.  With each class, we learn more about what our customers need and can tailor the class appropriately.  We also get to put a face with a name/voice, which can help everyone involved as our working relationships grow.