Congratulations Gail!

I’ve been hearing of a few retirements in the past couple of months but this particular retirement was bitter sweet for me!  Gail Robinson, Business System Analyst, retired from Ventura County a couple of weeks ago after 30+ years of service. I have had the pleasure of working with Gail for over 10 years on both Classic and Escape Online 5 implementations.  I will miss “seeing” her, in emails or in person during my visits to Ventura County.

Gail was the “payroll guru” for Ventura County and very knowledgeable about the needs of the districts.  Her payroll knowledge was crucial as we worked on the conversions from their previous system to Escape Online, and in supporting districts once they were live on Escape Online.

Gail became my friend, and helped me see the area in and around Ventura County, including Malibu, Santa Barbara, and Ojai, just to name a few. She was always willing to make sure I was entertained during my extended stays in Camarillo.  Even though we will miss her expertise and positive attitude, I am thrilled for Gail since she has worked hard for many years!  It’s time for her to reap the rewards of that hard work.