Friday Feature - Employee Labels That Are Easy as Pie

There are millions of ways to communicate these days (or at least it seems that way).  But sometimes, an email or text message just won’t do, you need to send a letter.  While writing the letter may be easy, you still have to address that letter.  Well, with the release of v11.02, Escape Online now has a report that makes creating those address labels as easy as pie.  The Employee Label (Employee80) gives you dozens upon dozens of report criteria for selecting employees, including benefits.

When our very own Elen showed a user group this new report, she said they were so excited, throwing down words like “cool” and “awesome” and the one we like to hear the most “helpful.”  I have to agree.  This is an awesome report that gives you the flexibility you need without making it hard to use.  Check it out.  Look at all these options!

This many options gives you a precise list of just the employees you want.  But we didn’t stop there.  We wanted to make sure that we covered all of the bases.

So the next section of the report criteria is devoted to formatting the labels.  You have three line options for customizing the labels.  So you can create a “standard” label with employee name and address, or you can have the bargaining unit on the label and send it to their pay check location.  It is all up to you.  Here is a list of all the options.

But we’re not done yet.  We can still define the sort the labels for easy delivery.  Again, you make the call.  You can sort by employee name, pay check location, or if you are doing bulk mailing, by zip code.

This is some powerful stuff.  And, as Terri said in her release review, the report is saved to My Reports so if there is a printer jam, you can just rerun the report.  That’s as easy as pie!